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Tuesday, Oct. 16th:
3:15 – stretch/breathe
3:30 – captions (HotM, Iron Man, Brooklyn, Imperial Funk, Georgia)
3:55 – Pre-game
4:35 – Half-time

Wednesday, Oct. 17th:
Wind Ensemble – Band room
Drumline/Guard sectionals – Band field
(drums – make sure you get HotM, Brooklyn, IF, and IM under your hands)

Thursday, Oct. 18th:

5:45 – call-time at University Stadium (MAKE SURE YOU EAT BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!!!)
Arrive in bibbers and spats
6:15 – move into stands
6:35 – possible tailgate playing time
7:05 – move onto field
7:15 – pre-game
7:30 – kick-off (Let’s Go Wolves!!! Beat tUNA!!!)

Friday, Oct. 19th:


Tuesday, Oct. 9th:

3:15 – stretch/breathe
3:30 – sectionals (Imperial Funk, Heat of the Moment, AC/DC, Brooklyn)
3:50 – W4TW (clean drill)
4:20 – Open Arms (clean drill)
4:50 – Run Speed of Love/Freeze Frame

Wednesday, Oct. 10th:
3:30 – guard/drumline (make sure you get to Brooklyn with Mark, drums)

Thursday, Oct. 11th:
3:15 – stretch/breathe
3:30 – sectionals (Heat of the Moment, Brooklyn, Iron Man)
3:50 – Run W4TW/Open Arms
3:55 – Speed of Love (clean drill)
4:25 – Freeze Frame (clean drill)

Friday, Oct. 12th:
3:15 – stretch/breathe
3:30 – sectionals (Heat of the Moment – memory)
3:45 – full band music (HofM, AC/DC, Iron Man, Imperial Funk, Brooklyn)
4:30 – full run half-time show

* Our next game is a Thursday evening game (the 18th). I will have excuse letters at rehearsal each day this week and tacked to my door. If you have a Thursday evening class, get one and get it to your teacher ASAP. It is imperative that everyone be there for pre-game since this is a televised game.
* Cuffs: Make sure that your new uniform’s cuffs on both the jackets and pants are folded in and snapped at the appropriate length. For most of you, that’s all the way up. Then, take an iron and get a good crease. If you don’t know how to iron, learn.

New Uniforms Are Here!!!

The new uniforms arrived at the central warehouse this morning and were promptly picked up and brought to Humanities by an army of band students with cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes.  We’ll be debuting these beautiful new threads during homecoming week, beginning with the Bartow County Marching Band Exhibition at Adairsville HS on Monday the 1st of October.  Many thanks to those who were able to help out this morning! I hope none of you skipped any class!!!  LET’S GO WOLVES!!!!!