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UWG Wind Ensemble-Fall 2012

Congratulations to the members of the Fall 2012 Wind Ensemble!!!

Please plan on meeting in the band room at 3:30 on Wednesday; we will pass out Aurora Awakes as well as Rhapsody in Blue (along with folders).  Note that both of these pieces are closer to a one-on-a-part “Wind Ensemble” instrumentation (Aurora Awakes a little less so).  If you are not playing on either of these two pieces you WILL be playing with the group on the rest of the concert… unless we do a brass fanfare.

Again, thank you so much to everyone who auditioned!!!

-players listed alphabetically
* denotes principal/co-principals

Valyncia Allen
Katheryn Cater
Jessica Faulkner
Cortney Jackson*
Katherine Johnson

Asha Brown

Kayla Heath

Valeetia Allen
Russell Bennett*
Angelina Donohue
Lisa Rushing
Naomi Thompson
Diane Wilcurt*

Bass Clarinet
Allison Brown
Tatiana Raphael

Nic Chambers
Jake Hodges*
David Jones*
Matt Marshall
Taylor Moore
Adam Tucker
Michael Turner (Gershwin only)

Blake Dunn
Will Howell
Reggie Humphrey
Josh Neace
Bethany Nickelson*
Destiny Segars
Laura Titlow
Cody Whitworth

Sarah Derbecker*
Katie Kirchoff
Emily Lamb
Sarah Miller

Thomas Cook
Luther Harris*
Draven Whitaker

Quaneka Conyers*
Shandy Gibbons
Bonnie Wehr*

Josh Baxter
Dylan Burch
Kevin Hays
Alex Ansaldo*
Scott Jones*

Spencer Davis
Chris Hurd
Jamila Gamble
Shawn Morris
Cameron Rothwell
Ryan Sanders
Matthew Turner

Caleb Strickland

Wind Ensemble Auditions

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wind Ensemble Auditions will take place next week (August 20-24) at the following times:

Tuesday 5:15-8:00
Wednesday 3:00-6:00 (Percussion please sign up for the last 8-10 time slots on this day if at all possible)
Thursday 5:15-8:00

Please sign up for a time slot on the band room door; wind auditions will consist of three scales (your choice), a prepared piece (your choice), and sight-reading. Percussionists need to bring prepared pieces on as many instruments as you’d like (timpani, snare, marimba) and will sight-read as well (NO SCALES).

If you cannot make any of the above time slots PLEASE contact me to schedule an audition:

678-839-6267 (feel free to leave a message)

We will rehearse on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 until Marching Band ends; after that we will rehearse Tuesday through Friday at the same times (Don’t worry if you have a class conflict when we go to the “full week” model; we’ll work it out). If you have friends that might be interested PLEASE TELL THEM TO GIVE IT A TRY!!!

Lastly, if you’re wondering what Wind Ensemble is like please ask a veteran member. We’ve got some awesome music set to go and I am really excited about the concert season (just Google “Aurora Awakes” and see what you think…)!


Dr. Byrd