Wind Ensemble Audition Materials

Wind Ensemble auditions take place during finals week of each semester (typically late April and early December).  For incoming freshmen, please contact Dr. Byrd directly ( to schedule a day and time.  For those auditioning for entrance into the Department of Music, your audition that day will count for Wind Ensemble as well.  The requirements include:

1) Scales: you will have two minutes to perform as many scales as possible (majors and minors only, credit will be given for extended range, no arpeggios needed)

2) A brief sight-reading excerpt

3) Etudes, solos, movements from concerti, etc. that showcase(s) both lyrical and technical playing

If you have any questions whatsoever please feel free to contact Dr. Byrd (jbyrd@westga.edu678-839-6267) at any time.  Thank you and good luck to everyone auditioning!


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