Tuesday, 16 Sept:
3:15 – sectionals (Bomb, Anthem, shorts – memorize!)
3:40 – full band music (same)
4:20 – Review Pre-game
4:45 – Review Post-game show

Thursday, 18 Sept:
3:15 – sectionals (Bomb, GA, Get It On)
3:40 – learn homecoming sets
4:00 – Homecoming rehearsal w/court & candidates
4:40 – Review Pre-game
5:00 – Review Long Train dance

Friday, 19 Sept: AT STADIUM
3:45 – sectionals (Alma Mater, Bomb, Shorts)
4:00 – run Post-game show
4:15 – move to Wolf Plaza, sound check
4:45 – standstill show as attendees arrive
5:00 – Dedication of Wolf Plaza (Alma Mater)
6:45 – call time at the AMP
7:15 – move into place (Rome St.)
7:30 – Wolves Capture the Square (Homecoming Pep Rally)

Saturday, 20 Sept:
9:15 – call time at W. Georgia Dr. & Maple St. (uniforms and ballcaps)
10:00 – Homecoming Parade
11:00 – take campus buses from Greek Village to Stadium
11:30 – move into place at Wolf Plaza
11:45 – play for team’s arrival at Wolf Plaza
12:05 – move into stands (LUNCHTIME!)
1:15 – report back to stands
1:30 – depart stands for pre-game
1:45 – step off for Pre-game show
2:00 – kickoff: LET’S GO WOLVES!!!

Marching Band Schedule 9/9-9/13

Tuesday, 9 Sept
3:15 – sectionals (memorize Fever; pass out coordinates)
3:35 – learn Fever drill
4:45 – review opener

Thursday, 11 Sept
3:15 – sectionals (Nat’l Anthem, opener, Fever, Bomb)
3:40 – finish/review Fever
4:15 – review opener
4:45 – Red Band Society rehearsal (small group only)

Friday, 12 Sept (AT TRACK FIELD)
5:30 – stretch/breathe
5:45 – full band music (shorts/Fever/Bomb/Nat’l Anthem)
6:15 – sectionals
6:35 – review pre-game (w/Anthem)
6:55 – review half-time
7:15 – review parade block
7:25 – Red Band Society rehearsal (small group only)

Saturday, 13 Sept (IMAGINE WEST)
7:00 – call time at the AMP downtown (uniforms w/o helmets)
7:20 – move into place
7:30 – opening performance at Imagine West (Fight Song, Opener, Fever, Long Train, Alma Mater)

Wind Ensemble Schedule, 9/10 & 9/12

Wednesday, September 10:
3:00 Fundamentals/Recording Notes (ALL)
3:10 Star-Spangled Banner (B-Flat)
3:15 Crown Imperial
3:25 Children’s March
3:55 Second Suite in F (RECORD)
4:15 Scenes from the Louvre
4:45 La Peri Fanfare

Friday, September 12
3:00 La Peri Fanfare
3:15 Fundamentals (ALL)
3:25 Scenes from the Louvre
4:00 Second Suite in F
4:25 Children’s March
4:45 Short Ride in a Fast Machine
-Beginning to 134, q=112
4:45 La Peri Fanfare
-Beginning to 64, q=104

2014 Performance Calendar!

UWGMB 2014 performance calendar


Correction: the Christmas Parade and WE concert listed on the 5th and 6th of December will be occurring on the 4th and 5th.  All members will get a corrected, final performance calendar upon their arrival and check-in at summer camp in August.

UWGMB Summer Newsletter

uwgmb summer newsletter 2014


If you’ve registered for marching band this fall at UWG, you’ll be receiving one of these in your email inbox soon, along with much more information about the 33rd edition of The Sound That Lights the South!

Wind Ensemble Tour 2014!

The UWG Wind Ensemble is heading out on its annual tour this week! If you’re nearby any of our performances, we’d love to see you at the concerts! Here’s the rundown:

Thursday, April 3rd:
8:30AM – South Paulding High School
11:30AM – Newnan High School
6:00PM – Chapel Hill High School

Friday, April 4th:
11:30AM – Collins Hill High School
3:30PM – North Gwinnett Middle School

Web Registration for TSTLTS is Now Open!

In the menu beneath our banner picture, you’ll notice a new option. Clicking that link will take you to the online registration form that gives us all the information we need to know about you and lets us know that you’ll be a part of the 33rd edition of The Sound That Lights the South! As soon as you click send, you’ll be sent an email with a welcome letter from Drs. Byrd and Self and some pertinent information.

We’ve got some big changes happening in the band program right now that we’re very excited about. First, we’re very happy to announce that we will be traveling to both the Valdosta St. and Shorter away games. Also, in order to make room for fall Wind Ensemble (and because we know how precious your time is), we’re cutting back rehearsal time for marching band again. We will rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-5:15PM on non-performance weeks. When we have a game or exhibition, we will add a 5:30-7:30PM rehearsal Friday evening.

The theme for this fall’s field show will be Blue Light, Red Light and will feature jazz and funk music. We will have another exciting announcement coming up later this week when we post the leadership team for the fall.

Go West, Go Band, and GO WOLVES!!!